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Our community of students is curious, always searching for the next exciting undertaking. 在yzcca88游戏登录网址, that can mean starting college as an undergraduate or seeking new challenges in grad school. Where can a DU education take you? 现在申请并找出答案.

From campus visits to enrollment, we'll help you all along the way through our comprehensive approach to student support. With scholarships, grants 和 loans, we'll do what we can to make higher education a reality for you. So ask yourself: what can you add to our community of scholars who are making impacts in their fields 和 their communities?


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At DU, we take a holistic approach to your education. 在这里, 你的智力会增长, explore 和 hone your character, learn self-care in the pursuit of caring for others, 并获得技能, mentorship 和 learning opportunities needed to pursue a purpose-filled life 和 career. 通过我们所说的 4 d的经验, our  students explore a vast range of subjects outside their 项目 of study. Your work will include pragmatic approaches to problem-solving through everything from senior design projects to humanitarian crisis simulations. And you’ll receive support during your job search through our robust internship database, the Burwell Center for Career Achievement 和 through the connections you’ll make in 丹佛 和 across the globe. 

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Our 教师-Student Collaboration

With an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, our students receive close instruction 和 support from faculty in 和 out of the classroom. Both our undergraduate 和 graduate students work with faculty on projects in their fields, including original research that results in summer-long projects 和 publications. That’s just one of many reasons why we’re among the most recent universities classified as Very High 研究 University (or “R1”) by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. 


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#58 最具价值学校 U.年代的新闻 & 2021年世界报告


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We provide our undergraduates with $350,000 in research funding annually, 和 our graduate students receive financial support for their own original research, professional development 和 conference presentations. Our professors can guide your research 和 projects, with 90 percent of our full-time faculty having the highest degree in their fields.

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85 percent of our undergraduates participate in internships, preparing them to enter the job market the moment they leave college, with 92% of our undergrads determining their post-graduation plans within six months of graduation. 

$424m Over $424 million in financial aid annually for undergraduates 和 graduates

92% 92 percent of undergrads have secured post-graduation plans within six months of graduation

66% 66 percent of bachelor's students, 和 56% of master's students, stay in 科罗拉多州 after graduation

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丹佛—Your Home, Your 校园

As you live 和 learn in one of the most dynamic cities in America, you’ll be introduced to a world of new faces, ideas 和 experiences—all designed to prepare you for a purpose-filled life. Whether you test your wings in an experiential on-campus living community, 俱乐部体育, or any of the student organizations based on campus, you're sure to find a home at DU. 

James C. 坚尼地山校园

2021年10月宣布, the 坚尼地山校园 brings new life to the DU Experience, making the University of 丹佛 the only university in the United States to offer every student one experience through two great locations. 在这里, you’ll have the chance to reflect, connect 和 explore 科罗拉多州's stunning natural l和scapes—developing your character, relationships with fellow students 和 peace of mind 和 body.  



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You can apply to the University of 丹佛 via the Common 应用程序. Our admission counselors are here to help you during each step of your admission process.



Our application requirements vary by program 和 school. Depending on your degree of choice, you may need to submit test scores, letters of recommendation 和 resumes.



University College is tailored to help students who are active in the workplace. Learn about policies, registration 和 financial aid.


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学费 & 费用


本科学费 & 费用

If you enroll as a full-time student at our university, you’ll need to budget for tuition, 费用和住房. Our 金融援助 office helps you pay for your education with scholarships, 助学金和学生贷款.


研究生学费 & 费用

Your total cost of attendance will vary by program 和 number of credit hours. We can help you prepare for your expenses.


法律专业学生学费 & 费用

With a semester schedule 和 various enrollment options, students at Sturm College of Law have costs 和 schedules that differ from the rest of our student body.

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We provide over $116 million in institutional aid to our undergraduates annually, including scholarships 和 grants. Our graduate students receive over $62 million in institutional aid as well, including graduate teaching 和 research assistantships. These funds don’t need to be repaid after graduation.



丹佛 & 科罗拉多州

A stone’s throw from the Rocky Mountains, 丹佛 is a fast-growing city bustling with opportunity 和 life. Get involved in the community, 享受户外活动, 和 experience an internship in 丹佛’s economy—it’s all here.